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New Find: Quiz Egg

I’m so excited that I must share it now. I discovered a new website from


·         No paper

·         Grades the test for you (with the exception of essay)

·         Online—no more teacher time spent at the copier

·         Data—in a spreadsheet

·         Organizational tool for teachers

·         6 test options: multiple choice, T/F, Word bank, fill in the blank, essay, multiple response

·         Great homework study tool

·         Option for multiple testing

·         Option for immediate feedback

·         Option for answer feedback

·         Option to print quiz if needed

·         Bulk registration of students

·         With bulk registration, teacher has username and passwords incase of misplacement


·         $50 a year

·         Unable to upload current quizzes from Word

Sign up today and try my practice quiz. http://quizegg.com/q/139 



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