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No matter your interest. No matter your technology ability. You want to keep your favorite websites organized and at your finger tips. For most of us, we use our favorite tool on the web browser. This is fine, until we are not sitting with our machine or we have too many to keep organized or unfortunately, our computer crashes.

I’ve experienced all the above. Then I discovered Delicious, a social bookingmarking site. I could try to explain the site to you, but Common Craft does a much better job.

Delicious is a fee service that installs a toolbar with your browser. If you are not sitting at your computer and want to access your bookmarks, you may go to their website, log in and access your sites. You may also tag a new site without the toolbar.

Think of your bookmarks as a library. Tagging is similar to categorizing. Just as in a library all biographies are categorized under 900.  In your delicious library, your websites about travel might be categorized, or tagged, as travel. Your website for good hiking places might be tagged as travel, hiking, CT, and dayhikes. When you are looking for that website about hiking in CT, you can start in Travel, or hiking.

Delicious homepage

Delicious homepage

A few tips to keep in mind

·         Add more than one tag for easier recall

·         Keep tags simple

·         A space indicates a new tag

·         No need to use words like a, the, or, and

·         If you want two words to be one tag, place them together. example: foreigntravel, socialstudies

·         You are able to add notes to your tag to provide more information

As your tags begin to grow and get out of control, you can group your tags into bundles. In my delicious library, I have tag bundles to group all of my math websites, literacy websites, and others. This becomes the first step in quickly locating my tags. When I click into the literacy bundle, these are the tags I see:

My Delicious Library

My Delicious Library

Audio, audiobooks, books, chunking, classics, fastforword, language, literacy, reading

Another benefit to working with Delicious is that I can share my websites with other delicious users. And in the same sense, I can borrow websites from their library. When I find a website that someone in my network, like Gigi or Anna, might like, I can tag it for them. Without Delicious I might have to copy the URL and email the page to them. It would be up to them to save it to their favorites, or keep my email in their inbox. With delicious, I tagged it for them (for:username ) and it appears in their Delicious “inbox”. They can view it and if they like it save it to their library.

When I learn that someone else has a Delicious account, either through a blog, or website, I can browse through their library and save websites that are useful or interesting to me. I don’t need to look at an individual library; I can browse through all of delicious by doing a search. For example, if I am looking for websites on car care, I can type that into delicious and it will search all users and give me a list of all the websites that have been tagged car or care.

Why would I choose to use Delicious for a search like that when I could use Google, Yahoo or other search browser? Because I won’t need to sort through websites that are businesses, or retail or too broad. I’m benefiting from other people’s efforts.

Example of Car Care search on Delicious

Example of Car Care search on Delicious

Just as face to face networking, I’ll find similar users. I can add these users to my network and instead filling up my library, I can “borrow” from theirs. Together, we share knowledge and time.

In a bite size cupcake,

that is delicious.


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