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Download Ginger

Previously I wrote about Ginger. (See April post) Since that time, the people at Ginger have been busy working through the kinks and bugs. They’ve Incorporated the grammar tool and streamlined the interface. Through August it will be available as a free download. In September, it will be available for purchase. One may also purchase the speech feedback in the premium package.

I’ve shared Ginger with a number of students and they are excited to use it with their writing. Ginger provides contextual spell check and grammar check, full sentence correction and misused word correction.

Ginger takes spell check to a new level. It works with Microsoft Word and Outlook. After writing an essay or any word processing, hit the Ginger button instead of spell check. Visit their website for a demo. Hurry and download Ginger for your PC machines. You’ll be glad you did.


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